La pratica della libertà.Mezcal – Nautilus.

noviembre 27, 2011

The hypothesis of generalized self-management is particularly fertile ground in front of him and all those selfcreated give preference to projects that gratuity to be invented in total creative freedom. This land still almost virgin because consumerist obsession that dominates the world, implies a reversal of perspective unprecedented, a real cultural revolution whose urgency is now beyond doubt.
With my speech I modestly propose to tie the spark of the critique of everyday life with the ultimate goal of self-general of life, trying to make the point about the historical context / current political and trying to outline some minimum element of a social policy .
This will inevitably lead us, I think, to discuss direct democracy, or even how you want to call it any way egalitarian organizational transition from the old totalitarian world of political economy to the society of the gift that stands out as his possible exceeded.

Sergio Ghirardi.






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